Investigation of Correlations between Seismic Parameters and Damage Indices for Earthquakes of Iran Region (TECHNICAL NOTE)


Department of Civil & Environmental Engineerin, Shahid Abbaspour Campus of Shahid Beheshti University


Seismic record of an earthquake contains important and significant data about characteristics of a ground motion. In this study, interdependencies between important seismic parameters and three overall structural damage indices including the Bracci index, the modified flexural damage ratio (MFDR) index and the drift index were determined for several records of earthquakes occurred in the Iran. Calculations were done for medium rise concrete frame structures. In next step, seismic parameters that had strongest and weakest interdependencies with three mentioned damage indices were determined by the Spearman and the Pearson correlation coefficients. As the final value of damage indices cannot show the process of member degradation, time variations in the Powell and Allahabadi model were calculated to give a good insight about the behavior of structural members during earthquake.