Three-dimensional Magneto-thermo-elastic Analysis of Functionally Graded Truncated Conical Shells


Mechanical Engineering Department, Babol University of Technology


This work deals with the three-dimensional magneto-thermo-elastic problem of a functionally graded truncated conical shell under non-uniform internal pressure and subjected to magnetic and thermal fields. The material properties are assumed to obey the power law form that depends on the thickness coordinate of the shell. The formulation of the problem begins with the derivation of fundamental relations of thermo-elasticity in the conical coordinate system. Subsequently the differential quadrature method (DQM) is employed to discretize the resulting differential equations and transform them into a system of algebraic equations. Numerical results are presented to illustrated effects of non-homogeneity properties of material and thermal loads on the distributions of displacement, stress, temperature and induced magnetic fields. Finite element method is used to validate the results of DQM for a functionally graded truncated conical shell which shows excellent agreement.