New Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Inverter


Electrical & Electronics Engineering, SASTRA University


This paper proposes a single-phase five-level inverter with a modified pulse width-modulated (PWM)control scheme. The modified pulse width-modulation technique is developed to reduce switching loss.Also, the proposed multilevel inverter can reduce the requirement of power switches compared to aconventional cascaded multilevel inverter. The modes of operation, control signals, and operatingprinciple of the proposed inverter are analyzed. The inverter is capable of producing five levels ofoutput-voltage (Vs, Vs/2, 0, −Vs, −Vs/2) from the dc supply voltage. In particular,aspects of total harmonic distortion (THD) for the proposed multilevel converters are discussed. Thehybrid cascaded H-Bridge inverter with very low switching losses is ideal for such operations Thebehaviour of the inverter has been analyzed with the simulation results. In this paper a new fivelevel inverter with reduced number of switches is proposed and Matlab/Simulink results arepresented.