Suppression of Chaotic Behavior in Duffing-holmes System using Backstepping Controller Optimized by Unified Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm


1 Elecctrical Engineering, Noshirvani University of Technology, Babo

2 , babol university of technology


The nonlinear behavior analysis and chaos control for Duffing-Holmes chaotic system is discussed in the paper. In order to suppress the irregular chaotic motion, an optimal backstepping controller is designed. The backstepping method consists of parameters with positive values. The improper selection of the parameters leads to inappropriate responses or even may lead to instability of the system. In this paper, the Unified particle swarm optimization (UPSO) algorithm is utilized to determine the convenient and optimal values of the parameters. The minimized objective function via UPSO algorithm is a weighted sum of the Integral of Time multiplied Absolute Error (ITAE) and squared control signal. Fast control of chaos in a very short time and having more limited control signal for this purpose, are the great advantages of the proposed controller. Numerical simulations show the high performance of this method for chaos elimination in Duffing-Holmes system.