Image Enhancement via Reducing Impairment Effects on Image Components



In this paper, a new approach is presented for improving image quality. It provides a new outlook on how to apply the enhancment methods on images. Image enhancement techniques may deal with the  illumination, resolution, or distribution of pixels values. Issues such as the illumination of the scene and reflectance of objects affect on image captures. Generally, the pixels value of an image is proportional to the illumination of point in the scene and the reflectance of the object. Indeed, the captured image is the results of  illumination and reflectance of the object. Hence, impairment the image may be due to each of the illumination or reflectance component. In this paper it is shown that various types of impairments have different effects on the illumination and reflectance of image components. Studies show that impairment effect on an image depending on the type of the impairment on one component is more to another component. Unlike conventional methods which do enhancement process on the original image for any type of impairment, in this paper it is to reduce the impairement effects from image components. Results of this research show that image enhancement based on the proposed method has better results comparing to applying enhancement methods on original image.