A two Stage Heuristic Solution Approach for Resource Assignment during a Cell Formation Problem


1 Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology

2 Industrial Engineering, Shahed University


Design of Cellular Manufacturing System involves four major decisions: Cell formation (CF), Group layout (GL), Group scheduling (Gs) and Resource assignment (RA).  These problems should be regarded, concurrently, in order to obtain an optimal solution in a CM environment. In this paper a two stage heuristic procedure is proposed for CF and RA decisions problem. The solution approach contains a heuristic multivariate clustering technique as the first stage to find the best machine-cluster center distances. Next in the second stage a new mathematical model based on extracted distances and also worker related issues, including salary, hiring, firing and cross-training is proposed. In order to verify and validate the performance of proposed approach a mathematical model considering the inter-intra cell part trips and also operator related issues are developed and some numerical examples are solved using Lingo Software. The analysis of results verifies the solution approach in both optimality and computational time aspects.