Encapsulation of Peppermint Oil with Arabic Gum-gelatin by Complex Coacervation Method


1 chemical eng, sharif university

2 Chemical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology


The gelatin/gum Arabic microcapsules encapsulating peppermint oil were prepared by complex coacervation using tannic acid as hardening agent. The effects of various parameters, including concentration of wall material, core material, tannic acid and tween80 were investigated on particle size and encapsulation efficiency. For statistical evaluation of the parameters, Taguchi method has been used. The size of prepared spherical microcapsules was 19-66 micrometers. The results showed that, particle size increased with increasing core and wall concentration and decreased with increasing Tannic acid and Tween80 concentration. The efficiency increased by increasing the core and wall concentration, Tannic acid and Tween80 concentration had no effect on efficiency. Maximum efficiency of 82% was under optimal conditions: 4% wall material, 5% core material, 0.75% tannic acid and 0.02% tween80. The release of microcapsules was investigated in gastric and intestinal fluid. The microcapsules were release most of the core material in simulated gastric fluid (pH 1.2).