Flow Re-Stabilizing Observation via Air Injection during the Rotating Stall through a Single-stage Axial Compressor by a 2-D Finite-volume Approach


1 Mechanical Engineering, University of Guilan

2 Mechanical Eng., University of Guilan


The air-injection as an active flow stabilizing techniques, were numerically examined in current work, during the aerodynamic behavior and the characteristics of an axial compressor. At first, in design condition the characteristic curve was numerically captured for a specified test compressor. The computed results showed good agreements with those obtained from the experiments, to validate the finite-volume solver which was developed based on Van Leer’s flux splitting algorithm in conjunction with TVD limiters and the κ-e  turbulence model. At the second step, to examine the performance of the air injection technique unstable condition, the operating points were set for the unstable condition upon the operating map, and the expected unstable flow patterns were captured. At the final step, the numerical simulation was completed with the air injection, and surprisingly, the unstable flow patterns became highly re-stabilized, and consequently a significant recovery of the performance was augmented. The study could successfully demonstrate the capability of the numerical studies for simulating the active flow controls specifically the inlet air-injection technique by using a 2-D finite volume approach