Elastoplastic Buckling Analysis of Plates Involving Free Edges by Deformation Theory of Plasticity (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 Mech Eng, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

2 Mechanical Engineering, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad


Abstract   In this paper elastoplastic buckling of rectangular plates with different boundary conditions are investigated. Differential governing equations of plate are obtained on the basis of general loading and according to deformation theory (DT) of plasticity. Various loading conditions contain uniaxial, biaxial and shear are studied. The employed material is AL7075T6 which is usually used in the aerospace industry. A wide range of aspect ratio and plate thickness are investigated. The Generalize Differential Quadrature method (GDQ) is used as the numerical method to analysis the problem. The obtained results from using deformation theory of plasticity are in good with experimental data. An extensive parametric study for the effects of different aspects ratios, loading ratios, transverse shear deformations, thickness ratios and various boundary conditions on the buckling coefficient are presented.