The Effect of Local Damage on Energy Absorption of Steel Frame Buildings During Earthquake


1 structure, IIEES

2 Civil Engieering, International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES)


Progressive collapse is a kind of failure in which whole or large part of a structure collapse when a local damage occurs and distributes to other parts. Many researchers focus on the column removal analysis and study of the structure behavior under effect of gravity loads, so these investigations are mostly carried out on the tall building. Earthquake inspections indicate structural element can be damaged during earthquakes and this initial damage distributes to the other parts, so seismic progressive is proposed as a research issue. In this article, seismic progressive collapse of a steel-frame building is investigated. A local damage in a part of the structure was created by weakening a column intentionally so, the initial damage was navigated toward a part of structure then the lateral loads were applied to the model and the structure behavior subjected to seismic progressive collapse is evaluated. In the next step, the effect of differentiating length and numbers of spans in both directions is studied and finally structure failure pattern cased by seismic progressive collapse is obtained.