Modified Nanoporous Carbon Material for Anionic Dye Removal from Aqueous Solution


1 Chemistry, Iran University of Science and Technology

2 Research Laboratory of Nanoporous Materials, Iran University of Science and Technology


In this study, the adsorption behavior of anionic dyes from aqueous solution onto mesoporous carbon material (CMK-1) and modified with polymer (PANI/CMK-1) has been investigated as a function of parameters such as adsorbent dose (0.08-0.8 g/L), solution pH 3–10, contact time and initial concentration (10-100 mg/L). The influence of these parameters on the adsorption capacity has been studied using the batch process. The experimental data were analyzed by the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms. The adsorption isotherm was found to follow the Freundlich model.The structural order and textural properties of the synthesized materials were studied by XRD, SEM, and nitrogen adsorption–desorption analysis. The characteristic results indicated that the modification was successfully done. This study showed that modified nanoporous carbon materials are excellent adsorbents for the removal of anionic dyes from wastewater.