Performance Optimization for Skim Milk Powder Unit of a Dairy Plant Using Genetic Algorithm


1 Mechainical Engineering Department, University Institute of Engineering & Technology

2 , National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra.


The paper deals with the performance optimization for skim milk powder unit of a dairy plant at National Dairy Research Institute (N. D. R. I.), Karnal using Genetic Algorithm (G. A.). The skim milk powder unit comprises of six subsystems working in series. The failure and repair rates of the subsystems are taken from maintenance history sheets, which follow the exponential distribution. The mathematical formulation is carried out using probabilistic approach and the Markov birth – death process is used to develop the difference differential equations. The steady state availability expression has been derived using normalizing conditions. The optimal values of failure/repair rates of each subsystem of the skim milk powder unit have been evaluated using Matlab 7.1 G. A. tool. The steady state availability obtained from Markov analysis is also compared with the optimal availability calculated through G. A. tool. So, the findings of the present paper will be highly useful to the plant management for developing proper maintenance strategies which can be implemented in order to enhance system performance.