An Improvement in Fluorocarbon Chain Re-orientation by Reactive Dyes


1 Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST)

2 Textile Engineering, Isfahan Univ. Tech.


There is an increasing demand for air-dry performance of fluorocarbon finished materials. Thus, dyeing with different types of reactive, mono, bi, and multi-functional, dyes was evaluated as a novel treatment to create correct surface interface to maintain fluorocarbon performance without ironing or tumble drying. The effects of pre-treatment on fluorocarbon finishing of cotton fabric, a cellulosic polymer, was investigated by measuring wash fastness as well as 3M water repellency test and samples hot pressing. Fabrics mechanical properties were compared by measuring tensile strength. Also, the effect of the finishing on samples colour was studied. The results indicated that by dyeing with proper reactive dye not only the fastness and repellency properties can be improved, but also the molecular re-orientation of fluorocarbon polymers can reach fulfilment level for water repellency at ambient temperature. Further more, no negative effect on tensile properties and samples colour was observed.