Effect of Combination on Properties of Cu-Ag Nanocomposites Synthesized by Heat Treatment


1 semiconductor, materials and energy research center

2 Department of Engineering, Materilas and Energy Research Cenyer (MERC) P.O.B

3 Nano Technology, Material and Energy Research Center(MERC)


          Ag-Cu solid solutions prepared via ball milling process were subsequently milled for 30 h and investigated by X-ray diffraction technique for Cu-20%Ag, Cu-3.64%Ag and Cu-80%Ag. It was noted that the solid solubility level increased by increasing initial solute content in composition. Results showed peak positions of silver and copper changed with milling time. By heating up to 700 K, the nanocrystalline supersaturated solid solution Cu (Ag) alloy was decomposed to nanophase composite of Ag and Cu. XRD pattern showed that the grain size of Ag and Cu phases increased obviously after heating but grain size was in nanometer range. Then, ultimate compressive strength and electrical conductivity of samples were determined that Cu-20%Ag-Cu had the highest ultimate compressive strength and also the highest electrical conductivity.