An Adaptive Nonlinear Controller for Speed Sensorless PMSM Taking the Iron Loss Resistance into Account (RESEARCH NOTE)


Electerical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology


In this paper, an adaptive nonlinear controller is designed for rotor Surface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (SPMSM) drive on the basis of Input-Output Feedback Control (IOFC), and Recursive Least Square (RLS) method. The RLS estimator detects the motor electromechanical parameters, including the motor iron loss resistance online. Moreover, a Sliding-Mode (SM) observer is developed for online estimation of the rotor speed and rotor position. In this control scheme, the torque reference signal is generated by a conventional speed PI controller. The effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed control approach is tested by simulation. Computer simulation results show that the errors in the estimated quantities asymptotically converge to zero. These results also show that the drive system is stable and robust against the parameter uncertainties and external load torque disturbance.