Particles Size Distribution Effect on 3d Packing of Nanoparticles Into a Bounded Region


1 Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Department, Material and Energy Research Center(MERC)

2 Applied Science, RMIT - RMIT University

3 mathematics , Tabriz University

4 Computational Materials Science, Universität Bremen

5 Materials Science and Engineering, Sharif University of Technology


In this paper, the effects of two different Particle Size Distributions (PSD) on packingbehavior of ideal rigid spherical nanoparticles using a novel packing model based on parallelalgorithms have been reported. A mersenne twister algorithm was used to generate pseudorandomnumbers for the particles initial coordinates. Also, for this purpose a nanosized tetragonal confinedcontainer with a square floor (300 * 300 nm) were used in this work. The Andreasen and the LognormalPSDs were chosen to investigate the packing behavior in a 3D bounded region. The effects ofparticle numbers on packing behavior of these two PSDs have been investigated. Also thereproducibility and the distribution of packing factor of these PSDs were compared.