Tribological Behavior of Reinforced and Unreinforced High Chromium Cast Iron


Materials Engineering, Merc


In this paper, the metal matrix composites containing 22 wt % Cr, 2.5 wt % C and 2 to 16  volume percent TiC were processed by solidifying Fe-Cr-Ti-C in which precipitation of titaniumcarbide and chromium carbide occurred. The microstructure and abrasion resistance of in-situ synthesized composites were compared with the unreinforced high chromium white cast iron (HCWCI) containing 22 w. t. % Cr and 2.5 w. t. % C. SEM, OM as well as abrasion machine test methods which were used for microstructure and wear evaluation of the matrix and reinforcement. As a result, an increase in Ti content, increased the hard TiC volume percent besides the coarse(Fe,Cr)7C3 in the ferrous matrix. The increase of the TiC content led to an increase in wear resistance,without any considerable increase in macro hardness.