An Efficient Algorithm for General 3D-Seismic Body Waves (SSP and VSP Applications)


1 Petroleum Engineering, Islamic Azad University Ahvaz Branch

2 Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum University of Technology


Abstract The ray series method may be generalized using a ray centered coordinate system for general 3D-heterogeneous media. This method is useful for Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO) seismic modeling, seismic analysis, interpretational purposes, and comparison with seismic field observations.For each central ray (constant ray parameter), the kinematic (the eikonal) and dynamic ray tracing system of equations are numerically solved. Then, the ray impulse and the ray synthetic seismograms are efficiently computed. The reflected, refracted, critically diffracted, multiples and converted P-waves and/or S-waves are computed and evaluated at the ray endpoints. The central Ray Method application to two-dimensional models are investigated and comparison with seismic wave field are successfully done. Two examples of the ray field and synthetic seismograms for the complex models are presented here both for surface seismic profiling (SSP) and vertical seismic profiling (VSP).