Stall Vortex Shedding Over a Compressor Cascade (RESEARCH NOTE)


Mechanical Engineering, University of Guilan


The unstable flow with rotating-stall-like (RS) effects in a rotor-cascade of an axialcompressor was numerically investigated. The RS was captured with the reduction in mass flow rateand increasing of exit static pressure with respect to design operating condition of the single rotor.The oscillatory velocity traces during the stall propagation showed that the RS vortices repeatperiodically, and the mass flow rate was highly affected by the blockage areas made by stall vortices.The results also showed that large scale vortices highly affects on the generation and growth of thenew vortices. An unsteady two-dimensional finite-volume solver was employed for the numericalstudy which was developed based on Van Leer’s flux splitting algorithm in conjunction with TVDlimiters and the flow rate with the experimental results validates the numerical study.κ-ε turbulence model was also employed. The good agreement of the computed mass