Generation of Three-Phase PWM Inverter using Xilinx FPGA and its Application for Utility Connected PV System (RESEARCH NOTE)


Electerical Engineering, University of Malaya


Analysis and practical implementation of the regular symmetric sampled three-phase PWM inverter waveform has been presented in this paper. It is digitally implemented on a Xilinx field programmable gate array FPGA, and the essential considerations involved in the feasibility of using a Xilinx XC4008E software-based to generate PWM has been discussed. All the necessary Xilinx hardware/software techniques and programs required to implement and generate three-phase Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) are developed in detail, and demonstrated using practical results from an experimental Xilinx board. The techniques developed and presented in this paper are readily applicable to other currently available Xilinx chips. Simulation and experimental results of grid-connected inverter are presented. From the simulation and experimental results it is confirmed that the harmonic distortion of the output current waveform of the inverter fed to the grid is within the stipulated limits laid down by the utility companies.