Prediction of The Pavement Condition For Urban Roadway A Tehran Case Study (RESEARCH NOTE)


Civil Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology


This report is the result of a research project on a pavement management system that was preformed by the Transportation Division of Iran University of Science and Technology. Information used in the project was collected from 20 zones of the Tehran Municipality. Any maintenance and repair system for roads is normally compared of a number of general and coordinated activities in conjunction with programming, designing, construction, maintenance, evaluation, and research on road pavement. Prediction of pavement condition is one of the most important parts of such system. Prediction models have their application at the network level as well as project level activities. At the network level it is used in predicting the condition for budget planning. While in project level it is used in economical analysis. Many factors have been used to determine the pavement condition. These factors are the design life of the pavement, loading, climatic condition, and the type of roadway. In order to plan for future improvements, you need to predict the future condition of the pavement. In this paper, factors affecting the prediction of pavement condition are discussed. A model is developed exclusively for Tehran, based on the distress data collected of pavement condition.