Mathematical Programming Approach To Allocate Local Or National Resources For Bridge Maintenance Rehabilitation & Replacement Planning (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology

2 Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology


Today’s, the transportation facilities such as terminals, street, bridge, etc, represent the major investment in highway network. Every year tremendous resources should be invested to maintain these facilities. Among them, the Bridge Management System (B.M.S.) has been necessitated by large imbalance between extensive bridge repair and maintenance needs and limited available budget. So the main purpose of this research study is to develop an optimization methodology to allocate the limited resource among the most bridge maintenance demanded projects. The reduction of user cost or increased the user benefit can be considered as the main objective function of the developed Dynamic Programming Optimization Model. The results of the implementing of optimization model shows a tremendous cost savings, and as a result, more demanded bridge requiring the maintenance can be selected.