Determination of Resonance Frequency of Dominant and Higher Order Modes in Thin and Thick Circular Microstrip Patch Antennas with Superstrate by MWM (RESEARCH NOTE)


Electerical Engineering, Imam Hossein University


An accurate model named as the Modified Wolff Model (MWM) is presented as an efficient CAD tool for determination of resonant frequency of the dominant and higher order modes under the multi-layer condition in thin and thick circular microstrip patch antennas. The effects of dielectric cover on the resonant frequency obtained from MWM have been compared against the result of theoretical method of Spectral Domain Analysis (SDA). The accuracy of calculated resonant frequency by the MWM for dominant mode is about 0.5% and the average error for higher order modes is about 0.88%. Sensitiveness of higher order modes and also uncertainty effect on the resonant frequency are calculated by the MWM.