Seismic Response of the Kavar Concrete Face Rockfill Dam (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 Engineering, Dezab Consulting Engineers

2 Civil Engineering, university putra Malaysia


This study deals with the dynamic behavior of the kavar concrete Abstract face rockfill damwhich is the first dam of this type to be const ructed in a highly active seismic prone area,situated in the state of Fars southern part of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The finite elementmethod was used as a tool to carry out this study. The finite element discretization was carriedout under plane strain condition by representing the body of the dam, rock system, berm onupstream and the concrete slab through an eight noded isoparametric element. To account forthe interfacial behavior between concrete slab and the body of the dam, the joint element hasbeen utilized. By using direct integration technique, analysis of the behavior of the dam for theaverage section was carried out. It has been found that the dam is safe with respect to designbasis level (DBL) earthquake record.