Experimental Investigation of the Methods of Evaluating the Bond Strength Between Concrete Substrate and Repair Materials


1 Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Arizona

2 Civil & Environmental Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology

3 , Amirkabir University of Technology


This investigation was aimed at studying the effect of test methods on bond strength between concrete substrate and repair material. Four test methods with cementations or modified-cementations repair materials, and two surface roughnesses were studied. The methods used were pull-off, slant shear, splitting prism and a new direct shear named Bi-Surface shear test. While the coefficient of variation for each type of test was acceptable, the bond strengths from some tests were up to 8 times larger than those obtained from others. It is imperative that the bond tests be selected such that they represent the state of stress the structure is subjected to in the field. The new test method was easy to carry out and had reasonable results and can be developed by further investigations.