The Development of a Passive False Twister Mechanism in Handling Low Strength Cotton Slivers on High Draft Spinning Machine


1 Textile Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology

2 , Amirkabir University of Technology


A passive false twist unit (spiral) has been developed to assist with the handling lowstrength slivers on a high speed-spinning machine with a high-speed feed. In the first trial, a falsetwist simulator device was constructed to determine whether the passive false twist unit can be usedon high speed feeding with different can distance from the feeding device. In the second trial, theeffects of using one or two false-twist units on rotor spun yarn properties with different draft ratioswere investigated. The experimental results show that the effect of double false-twist unit at 30° entryangle of sliver and two turns of sliver around the false-twist wire is significant on rotor spun yarnproperties. It is also found that to obtain the optimum operating conditions, single or double passivefalse twister units are needed for different conditions including the can distance from feed part anddifferent feed speeds.