Finite Volume Solution of a Cylinder in Cross Flow with Heat Transfer


1 Mechanical Engineering, University of Tabriz

2 Mechainical Engineering Department, University of Tabriz, Iran


A finite-volume model has been developed to study incompressible forced flow heat transfer of air over a circular cylinder in cross flow. An artificial compressibility technique is applied to couple the continuity to the momentum equations. The proposed explicit finite-volume method (FVM) uses a novel discretization in time and space. The governing equations are solved by time-marching using a new third- order algorithm at each time level. The discretization of the viscous and thermal conduction terms are very simplified using the new scheme instead of common methods. The new scheme is similar to the Jameson's flux averaging in the convective terms, while for viscous and thermal conduction terms, the first- order derivatives are averaged in the vicinity of two cells. The proposed model is able to converge at higher Reynolds numbers up to 101000. The numerical results agree well with the available experimental and numerical data. The proposed FVM is capable of capturing the flow details at wide range of Reynolds numbers.