Deposition of Various Shapes Particles on a Rough Surface in Turbulent Flow


1 Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, Clarkson University

2 Mechanical Eng. Dept., Amirkabir university of Technology

3 , Iran University of Science & Technology


An experiment set-up is used to study wall deposition rate of particles on a rough surface in a turbulent channel flow. Deposition velocities for three classes of particles, namely, spherical glass particles, irregular shape polymer particles, and fibrous silicon particles are studied. The particle concentration at the test section was measured with the aid of an isokinetic probe in conjunction with a digital image processing technique. The probe is made of sterile plastic and sticked to the sidewall of the wind tunnel. The deposition of spherical particles is found to increase with increasing in diameter. Also it is shown that the deposition velocity of spherical particles is affected by the surface roughness.