Biological Pretreatment of a Beverage Waste Using Yeast Isolated from the Factory Sludge (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 , Sharif University of Technology

2 Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, Sharif University of Technology


The beverage industry has been a heavy producer of organic pollution. The major contaminants found in waste are biodegradable organic compounds, volatile organic compounds, toxic metals, and recalcitrant xenobiotics, suspend solids, nutrients (Nitrogen and Phosphor) Microbial pathogens and parasites. Activated sludge flocs contain a wide range of microorganisms such as bacteria, Fungi, yeast, viruses, and protozoa. In this study, we isolated some strains of yeasts from the factory sludge. More than 50 strains of yeast were selected. Among them 12 strains had a high removal of TOC.Yeast No. 11 (Y-11) has shown an overall efficiency of 87.5% in terms of TOC removal.