Determination of Load and Strain-Stress Distributions in Hot Closed Die Forging Using the Plasticine Modeling Technique


1 Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

2 , Sharif University of Technology


An axisymmetric hot closed die-forging process has been studied by physical modeling technique using the plasticine. To observe the material flow pattern, layers of plasticine with different colors were used. The normal direction to the layers was considered a principal direction. The strain distribution was obtained by measuring the thickness of the plasticine layers. Based on the strain distribution, the stress distribution and the forging load were computed, respectively. Several ring compression tests were performed using Vaseline, soapsuds, baby powder, facial tissue and plastic wrapping to determine the effect of different lubricants on the plasticine modeling. In order to verify the validity of the modeling data, a similarity study between plasticine and Ck45 was made. Considering the effect of strain path, the load obtained by this technique matched fairly well with the actual load.