Elestoplastic Analysis of Barrier Pillars Above the Drifts in Inclined Seam (TECHNICAL NOTES)


Mining Engineering, University of New South Wales


In this paper, the effects of horizontal stress and dimensions of barrier pillars on the stability of drifts hr been investigated. An elastoplastic hybrid finite/boundary element program has been used. A plastic analysis of stresses in barrier pillars above the drifts in one of the underground coal mines with inclined seams is examined. Computed stresses and safety factor controur lines around the drifts and in a barrier pillar are shown. It is shown that the extent of the yielding zone in barrier pillars depends on the dimension of the barrier pillar. Also the extent of the yielding zone above the drift depends on the location of the drift relative to the barrier pillar. In this analysis, a modified Hock and Brown failure criterion has been used.