Phase Only Synthesis of Antenna Patterns Using Iterative Restoration Methods


Electerical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology


In this work, the method of iterative Fourier transform phase reconstruction, conventionally used in holography and optical image reconstruction, is applied to phase only synthesis of antenna patterns. The method is applied to two types of pattern synthesis problems: "main lobe beam shaping" and "side-lobe-level reduction". The proposed method is most useful in the efficient employment of attainable radiation power of antenna array elements, when applied to uniform amplitude distribution of the aperture. Easy reconfiguration of phased arrays, with any desired amplitude distribution is also made possible through the application of the method. Simulation results demonstrate excellent control of side-lobe- levels as well as pattern shapes. The algorithm converges very rapidly, when applied to beam shaping, while, in side-lobe-level control, convergence is achieved at slower rates. Data displaying the resulting phase distribution of the apertures along with synthesized patterns and rates of convergence of various examples are presented and discussed.