Theoretical, Scientific and Practical Aspects of the Basic Stages of Cad Cam Designing of Centrifugal Pumps


, GIDR0MASH Concern, 2 Vtoraya Mytischinskaya UL.


Many theoretical and practical problems arise at different stages of the design/manufacturing process during development of a pump. The experience obtained in pump development proves that the quality of a pump depends on many factors, which should he satisfied to receive good results. At the same time, the theory of engineering design principles exists, which is applicable to designing various objects. The said theory can show the optimal way fulfill the task [1,2]. There is a great need in a special advanced pump designing theory which would include all the features required for this branch of industry. The described approach should also combine sufficiently high theoretical level with practice. The presented paper is an attempt to find on invariant abstract solution for certain procedures related to structural analysis and design of pump parts, groups of parts and assemblies.