Hierarchical Control Strategy of Constant Power Load-based DC Micrograds using a New Distributed Averaging Proportional Integral Secondary Controller

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Department of Electrical Engineering, Nour Branch of Islamic Azad University, Nour, Iran


Dedicating more attention to renewable energies and power electronic improvements results in increased direct current microgrids (DC MGs) application. However, DC MGs have some challenges with voltage adjustment and power sharing. To do so, a two-layer hierarchical control structure, including a new fully distributed secondary control strategy and conventional primary droop control method, is proposed and employed in this paper to share power and swiftly adjust the voltage accurately. Indeed, a distributed-averaging proportional-integral (DAPI) secondary control strategy is introduced. Another problem in DC MGs is the existence of constant power loads (CPLs), which may result in instability. To overcome the problems caused by CPLs, a term based on the output voltage of CPL is added to the proposed DAPI to prevent instability. The required control inputs are obtained using localized data of the DC bus and their neighbor’s secondary control inputs inspired by cooperative control. Besides, this strategy needs no knowledge of the microgrid topology, which enhances flexibility. For validating the proposed DAPI strategy in DC MGs, an islanded DC MG is simulated in the MATLAB/SIMULINK software. Comparing the results with those obtained from another existing method proves the performance of the proposed DAPI controller under different scenarios of plug-and-play, communication failure, and load changes.

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Hierarchical Control Strategy of Constant Power Load-based DC Micrograds using a New Distributed Averaging Proportional Integral Secondary Controller


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