Risk-Based AC/DC Hybrid Distribution System Planning

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Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Birjand, Birjand, Iran


With the growing movement of using direct current (DC) load demands, as well as DC distribution generations (DGs), the distribution system has undergone significant changes on the production and demand side. Due to alternating current (AC) and DC generators and load demands, it is not cost-effective to continue in the AC distribution system. Therefore, AC/DC hybrid distribution system planning is economical despite various demands and generations. On the other hand, uncertainty in load demand and output power of DGs cause the possible behavior of the distribution system. This behavior leads to risk in the distribution system. In this paper, the AC/DC distribution system planning is discussed by considering the risk. The planning problem in the matrix laboratory and general algebraic modeling system (MATLAB/GAMS) hybrid space has been formulated and solved. Using the K-means algorithm, the uncertainty related to renewable DG output power and load demand has been modeled. To verify the proposed method, it was implemented in a sample distribution system.

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Risk-Based AC/DC Hybrid Distribution System Planning


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