Optimal Capacity and Location for Renewable-based Microgrids Considering Economic Planning in Distribution Networks

Document Type : Original Article


Smart Electric Distribution Network Lab, Department of Electrical Engineering, Ilam University, Ilam, Iran


By integrating distributed generation resources with the distribution network, the stability and reliability of the distribution network will increase. Due to the advantages of microgrids and the need to implement them, as well as the high cost of installation of distributed generation resources, the existence of a comprehensive and optimal method by considering various aspects of microgrid design is felt more than ever. In this paper, an optimal method for designing microgrids with various conditions is presented. In the first stage, the design of microgrids is discussed on a multi-purpose basis, considering its economic aspects. At this stage, to make a compromise between the economic aspects, the proposed problem is modeled as two-objective functions. In the second stage, the design of distributed generation sources is done in the first level and then in the second level, the optimal placement of switches is done to determine the electrical boundaries of microgrids. In this paper, the discussion of optimal microgrid location based on economic planning using a two-level particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm on the standard IEEE 33 Bus network in MATLAB software was performed and for this network, three microgrids with two keys were used.


Main Subjects

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