Development of Light Dynamic Penetrometer for Application in Dense Soil

Document Type : Original Article


1 University of Qom, Faculty of Engineering, Qom, Iran

2 University of Qom, Faculty of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, Qom, Iran


The dynamic probing test is effective for compaction control in road embankments and pavement layers. However, challenges exist to its use in dense soil types to obtain valid results. The main purpose of this research is to use light weight penetrometer in dense soils and obtain valid results. This study developed and tested three light dynamic penetrometers with different cone geometries in dense soils and compared their results with those of conventional dynamic penetrometers. Over 72 dynamic penetration tests were performed in the field in dense natural soil. The results showed a 50% reduction in the number of blows compared to the dynamic probing light penetrometer (DPL). The coefficients of variation of the results of 8.6% to 15.9% indicate desirable repeatability. To further evaluate the efficiency of these penetrometers, the correlations between their results and the soil characteristics of the dry unit weight in place, compaction percentage and peak shear strength were assessed by statistical residual analysis. This approach showed that these relationships were satisfactory.


Main Subjects

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