Seismic and Economic Optimization of Water Distribution Networks Using Entropy and Ant Colony Algorithm

Document Type : Original Article


International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES), Tehran, Iran


Extensive research have been conducted to optimize the water distribution networks, but none has simultaneously considered the economic-mechanical and hydraulic properties of the networks. Moreover, the entropy difference in the various networks has not been exactly calculated. Therefore, the present study suggests a modified entropy function for computing the information entropy of the water distribution networks to calculate the demand nods and entropy difference amongst the various networks considering the mechanical and hydraulic properties of the network. This modification is carried out by defining a coefficient in entropy function as the output amount in every node by the exponent of all the power wasted in the network. Furthermore, the most optimum diameter and the most economic state are obtained simultaneously using the ant colony algorithm (ACO). Thus, considering all the three mechanical, hydraulic, and economic properties of the network while keeping simplicity, a more realistic method will be offered using these two metaheuristic methods. The efficiency of the proposed method was evaluated in some of the sample water networks using the modified function


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