Comparative Study on Structural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Straight Beam and Beams with out of Plane Parts

Document Type : Original Article


Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Babylon University, Iraq


This paper aims to experimentally investigate and compare the structural behavior of reinforced concrete straight beam and other beams there made with one, two, and three out of plane parts. The study focused on the effect of the number and location of the out plane parts on the beams mid span deflection, and rotation, as well as the ductility index, cracking loads, and failure modes. Four beams were manufactured with a cross-sectional width of 150 mm and a depth of 200 mm, and 2000 mm in length. All the beams were made with normal strength concrete and constant longitudinal reinforcement ratio 0.011 for negative and positive moment. All the beam specimens were clamped by a special steel fixed ends and subjected to the two-point load up to their failure. The obtained results presented that the load bearing capacity of straight beam was higher than the beams with out of plane parts. Furthermore, the beam with two out of plane parts has capacity higher than the beams with one and three out of plane part by 5.86%, and 55.07%. In addition, the results showed that the ductility increased with increasing number of out of plane parts by 5.52%, and 32.71% as copared with the beam with one out of plane part.


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