New Steel Divergent Braced Frame Systems for Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Frames

Document Type : Original Article


Civil Engineering Faculty, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran


The seismic strengthening methods are very important in earthquake-prone countries. Steel divergent bracing with replaceable link beam tied in steel frame and embedded in a concrete frame is a new method for a concrete frame strengthening. That is low cost and easy repairable after an earthquake.In this article six concrete frame strengthening methods have been investigated, including X-bracing, reverse chevron bracing, divergent bracing with concrete link beam, divergent bracing with steel link beam connected to steel columns in the steel frame, divergent bracing with steel link beam connected to the steel frame and with steel columns between those two, divergent bracing with steel link beam connected to the steel frame. All strengthening models are attached to concrete frames by a steel frame surrounding them . These models are investigated by ETABS and PERFORM-3D softwares. In concrete frame strengthed by steel divergent bracing with steel link beam, the base shear is decreased about 20%, steel consumption decreased to 40% in 6-story, and 15% in 14- and 20-story compared to X-bracing, and the existing to allowable stress ratio decreased to 50% in 6-story, to 40% in14-story and 35% in 20-story. As the structure's height is increased, the interaction between the frame and the brace, and the lateral force in the frames increased. Nonlinear static and dynamic analysis have shown more elastic hardness, ductility, behavior coefficient, and base shear in strengthed concrete frame with divergent bracing with steel link beam connected to the steel frame model than others.


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