Investigations on Material Composition of Iron-containing Tails of Enrichment of Combined Mining and Processing in Kursk Magnetic Anomaly of Russia

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Mining, Saint Petersburg Mining University, St. Petersburg, Russia Federation


The inevitable depletion of mineral resources, the constant deterioration of the geological and mining conditions for the development of mineral deposits and the restoration of raw materials from mining waste by recycling are all urgent problems we faced today. The solution to this problem may ensure: a considerable extension of raw material source; decrease of investments in opening new deposits; cost savings for dumping and handling of tailing dumps, disturbed land remediation; obtaining social and economic effect due to a considerable reduction in pollution of the environment. This article deals with the study of iron-containing tailings dumped at the tailing dumps of ore-refinery and processing facilities located in Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (KMA GOKs), where samples were taken for this study. The article contains the results of the materials composition study, namely: chemical composition, the mineral-petrographic study of thin and polished sections, grain size distribution and physical-mechanical properties of tailing samples. Regularities were revealed for the change of the useful component content due to gravity differentiation. It was also noted that the sulphur content increased near the pulp discharge outlet due to pyrite accumulation. The ratio of ore minerals in tailings and the fineness ratio of the sand fraction were measured. The examination with a focused beam microscope with x90 to x600 magnification showed a variety of grain sizes and shapes that facilitate using tailing materials after additional processing in the construction industry as sand.


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