Development of Linear Vernier Hybrid Permanent Magnet Machine for Wave Energy Converter

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran


Today, due to the limited supply and rapid consumption of fossil fuels, transitioning towards renewable energy supplies has become more important than ever.. The purpose of this paper is to present a new linear permanent magnet vernier machine structure which is designed to capture wave energy and improve the performance of the prototype vernier machine. By halving the proposed vernier machine, amending gear ratio and changing the shape of permanent magnet (PM) and teeth, the performance of the proposed vernier machine increases compared to the prototype vernier machine. This novelty causes the proposed vernier machine to be lighter, more economical and more efficient than the prototype vernier machine. Moreover, the main parameters of the proposed vernier machine compared to the prototype vernier machine are improved, so that in the proposed vernier machine, induced voltage, PM flux and thrust force are increased by 30, 68 and 27% respectively. In addition, the ripple of thrust force is reduced by 5%,  and the self-inductance is diminished by 55%. All analyses have been performed in the same conditions with the finite element method using Ansys Maxwell software.