Economic-statistical Design of NP Control Chart with Variable Sample Size and Sampling Interval


1 Indusrial Engineering, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran

2 Indusrial Engineering, Yazd University


The control charts are graphical tools and proven techniques to improve the performance of a process. Usually, the processes are not naturally controlled, so the use of control charts will help to reduce the variability and increase the stability of the process. In the traditional approach, control charts with fix sample size and constant sampling intervals were used to identify the changes in the process. While, control charts can be examined from different statistical and economical directions using different sampling schemes for achieving a better result. In past studies, it has been shown that np control charts show better results in detecting shifts by using variable sampling schemes but it is also important to consider how the cost of using variable sampling schemes will be, since the cost of a process depends on the parameters of the control chart. In this paper, the economic-statistical design of np control chart with variable sample size and sampling interval (VSSI) is formulated and then we compare and analyze the resulted obtained with other schemes. Results show significant improvement in terms of economic and statistical performance.