Volume & Issue: Volume 31, Issue 4, TRANSACTIONS A: Basics, April 2018 
6. Nitrate Removal from Aqueous Solutions Using Granular Activated Carbon Modified with Iron Nanoparticles (RESEARCH NOTE)

Pages 554-563

seyed Yaser Hashemi; Seyyed Alireza Mousavi; Efat Aghaali; bahram kamarehie; Ali Jafari

14. Characterization and Utilization of Zeolite for NPK Slow Release Fertilizer (RESEARCH NOTE)

Pages 622-628

Muhammad Utama; Irvan Rizky; Tuty Agustina; Muhammad Amal

20. Blood Flow Simulation in an Aorta with a mild coarctation Using Magnetic Resonance Angiography and Finite Volume Method

Pages 673-678

Mohammad Amin Javadi; Rouhollah Ostadhossein; Ramin Ghasemiasl; SIAMAK Hoseinzadeh