IJE Editorial Board wish to express condolence to Professor Singhal's family

Professor Dr. Raj Singhal, one of the most influential Professors of Mining Engineering in last 40 years, passed away at 4:00 AM Sunday Dec-20-2020. He was the founder and international chairs of the following conferences: 

1)      Mine Planning & Equipment Selection (MPES) 
2)      Computer Applications in the Mineral Industries (CAMI)  
3)      Symposium on Environmental Issues and Waste Management in Energy and Mineral Production (SWEMP)

He was also the founder and the first chief of editor of International Journal of Mining, Reclamation & Environment (IJMRE) and Co-author of Surface Mining, published by SME-1990. 

Professor Singhal, has presented over 100 speeches as a keynote speaker and plenary sessions chairs and published numerous papers in Journals. With high respect, we would like to express our condolence to Dr. Mona (His Wife), Dr. Meena and Rebecca his daughters and wishing them all the bests and health.

Professor Singhal will be deeply missed.

IJE Editorial Board