IJE-Transactions A: Basics achieved to Q1 level journal ranking in Scopus

International Journal of Engineering Breaking News


Dear Respectful IJE Authors and Reviewers

In behalf of International Journal of Engineering (IJE), I am pleased to announce that IJE-Transactions A: Basics has achieved to Q1 level journal ranking in Scopus. Our sincerest appreciations and congratulations go to all IJE’s contributors, authors and international advisory reviewer boards who have strongly supported IJE in past few years. I wish to thank all IJE editors, reviewers and authors helping us in near future to gain high “IF”.

At this stage, IJE’s achievement gained by the supporting team work through sincere contributions. I must honestly say that without your endless support we never reached to such nice achievements. Congratulations to all of you for supporting IJE. In fact, our goal is to serve equally all scientists around the world, absolutely without any discriminations. May “God Bless” you all.


Best Regards

Ghasem  Najafpour D., Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering, Noshirvani University of Technology
Editor in Chief, International Journal of Engineering