Direct Displacement Based Design of Reinforced Concrete Elevated Water Tanks Frame Staging

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1 Research Scholar, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur-440010, India

2 Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur-440010, India

3 Graduate University of Advanced Technology


Elevated water tanks supported by the reinforced concrete (RC) Staging are classified as inverted pendulum structures. These are considered as structures of high post-earthquake importance and should remain functional after the seismic events. National codes of various countries recommend Force-Based Design (FBD) procedure for water tank staging, which does not ensure nonlinear performance level for a given hazard. Therefore, it becomes necessary to design these structures with a performance-based design approach like Direct Displacement-Based Design (DDBD). Many design engineers consider that the behavior of frame staging of the elevated water tank is similar to the building's frame and generally adopt the same design principles for both types of structures. However, the seismic behavior of the building frame is significantly different from frame staging due to the absence of diaphragm action at the bracing level and concentrated mass at the top level only. Therefore, it may not be rational to utilize the same DDBD procedure of the building's frame for the design of frame staging of the elevated water tanks. The present study proposes some modification in existing DDBD procedure (used for the design of frame building) based on the nonlinear time history analysis of twenty meters high RC frame staging with four different configurations. The modifications are proposed in terms of inelastic displacement profile, design displacement, effective height, and effective mass calculation. Further, the performance of the same RC frame staging designed using the proposed DDBD procedure has been assessed using nonlinear static and dynamic analyses to verify the suitability of proposed modifications.