A Real-time Motion Tracking Wireless System for Upper Limb Exosuit Based on Inertial Measurement Units and Flex Sensors (TECHNICAL NOTE)


Mechatronics Engineering Program, Faculty of Engineering, Militar Nueva Granada University, Bogotá, Colombia


This paper puts forward a real-time angular tracking (motion capture) system for a low cost upper limb exosuit based on sensor fusion; which is integrated by an elastic sleeve-mitten, two inertial measurement units (IMU), two flex sensors and a wireless communication system. The device can accurately detect the angular position of the shoulder (flexion-extension, abduction-adduction and internal-external rotation), elbow (flexion-extension and forearm supination-pronation), and wrist (flexion-extension) joints. In addition, the state of the hand (opened-closed). Finaly a PID controller is applied to the exosuit in order to replicate the movements performed by the arm into a 6 DOF robot arm.