Performance Improvement of a Slotted Solid Rotor Induction Motor with High Temperature Superconder Coating


Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Science and Technology of Mazandaran, Behshahr, Iran


This paper analyzes an induction motor with high temperature superconducter (HTS) coated slotted solid rotor. By slotting the solid rotor, the electromagnetic torque near synchronous speed will increase but the starting torque will decrease. To improve starting torque, rotor slots are coated with HTS materials. Using HTS material vary the rotor resistance to great extends in starting step and this means the starting torque will be maximized. Also the torque near synchronous speed will be higher than before because of the resistance of the HTS is completely zero in this period. This would help the torque become more than the case without any coating. It is concluded that, HTS coating of slotted solid rotor will increase the starting torque by 42 and 74% than smooth type rotor and slotted one, respectively. For case-study motor, the torque near synchronous speed these improvements were 75% and 33%, respectively. The performance of the proposed motor is simulated using finite element method (FEM).