Effect of Carbon Nanotube and Surfactant on Processing, Mechanical, Electrical and EMI-Shielding of Epoxy Composites


Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute, Tehran, Iran


Dispersing nanoparticles in a polymer matrix is intrinsically challenging due to unfavorable entropic interactions between the matrix and the nanoparticle. In this research dispersion of nanoparticles in polymer matrix was studied and the effect of dispersion on properties was investigated. The properties of polymer composite depend on the type, size, shape, concentration of nanoparticles, and interactions of polymer-nanaoparticle. The lack of compatibility between inorganic particles and polymer matrix limits the applications of produced nanocomposite. Due to incompatibility, the dispersion of nanoparticles in polymer matrix is very difficult. The epoxy/MWCNT composite was fabricated by solution mixing process. The effect of MWCNT and Amine-Functionalized surfactant, on curing process, EMI-shielding, mechanical and electrical properties of nanocomposite were investigated. Dispersion of MWCNT in solution was investigated using UV-vis spectroscopy. Curing behavior of nanocomposites at different MWCNT loadings was investigated. EMI-shielding of nanocomposite at different concentrations of MWCNT was studied and the results showed that MWCNT and ferric oxide improve absorption loss, reflection loss and shielding effectiveness. Effect of MWCNT inclusion on thermal and mechanical properties of nanocomposites was investigated. Finally, the electrical conductivity was measured using a two-point conductivity test method.